14 October, 2009

Fw: Dinokeng Scenarios - We have a choice but there is much building to be done.

This info is compliments of Shaun Scott.

Subject: FW: Dinokeng Scenarios - We have a choice but there is much building to be done.

Community Associations and Street/Block Committees in the Linden Precinct,
Managed to attend a presentation on the Dinokeng Scenarios (www.dinokengscenarios.co.za) . They have presented over 100 times in a few short months to a range of stakeholders in government, business and civil society, so you may have seen some of their work.
The scenarios were compiled (late last year) by a strong, representative group of South Africans. They looked at the achievements and challenges experienced in fifteen years since our first democratic election and used that to describe three possible future worlds.
The bad news is they have placed us in the early stages of the "Walk Apart" scenario where, if we continue, we will reach a future where communities will disengage, be distrusting and self protecting and the state will operate in an ineffective and corrupt manner.
The good news is we can still achieve the "Walk Together" scenario where we have an active an engaging citizenry and a collaborative and effective state.
I attended the session as a CPF executive (it was arranged by the CPF Partnership) and was pleased to see that the Linden CPF strategy and journey we started early last year supports the "Walk Together" scenario. We have a dual focus on enabling a more effective SAPS and we are building momentum in our streets and suburbs to create an engaging and cohesive community.
It scared me however to recognise the consequence of not getting it right.
Please keep up your good work at building your street, block and community. I'm so pleased to see the momentum and am confident that we have a very very good chance of getting it right. The Linden CPF, under the leadership of Jadd and with the Executive Committee and active volunteers, is committed to supporting you.
Look out for the debate series on eTV in November. We will arrange for a discussion at a forthcoming CPF meeting, but don’t wait until then. Attached is a summary 2 pager and there is a stack of material on www.dinokengscenarios.co.za
Please keep building.
Shaun Scott for the Linden CPF

Herewith the Factsheets from the Dinokeng Scenarios:

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