05 November, 2010

Scam Artist on Gondola Ave

Hi all,

My neighbour Roland, on Gondola Ave, has just informed me of a scam artist operating in our suburb. Recently Roland did some minor construction work at his house, and as a result some building rubble remained. This rubble was being temporarily stored in front of his house.

Yesterday a man arrived offering Roland to remove the rubble at a cost of R200-00. Roland agreed to this and the man loaded up the rubble to take it away. Later it was discovered that the man simply took the rubble across the road and dumped it in Maiden Park on the corner of Gondola and Maiden Streets. Needless to say dumping in a park is illegal, and secondly, this man is out to make a quick illegal buck. Obviously Roland has committed to removing the rubble, which will result in his incurring additional costs.

The number of the vehicle wasn't obtained, so if anyone can provide more info, then please email me.

On a positive note, I reported the incident to our Sector 1 Patrol vehicle. The constable on duty was extremely friendly and proficient and took down the necessary details. He also confirmed that he would drive by and keep an eye out for any illegal dumping or a bakkie that is carry building rubble.

So please be on the lookout for these scamsters. Don't confront them, but try get and their details.


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