11 February, 2011

Crime Escalating - Message from Mulbarton Street

Hi all,

This is from Debbie who is street captain of Mulbarton Street in Robin Hills.  Very very good advice indeed.


Hi residents

We have had an increase in violent crimes this last week. Linden is one of the sectors that were affected as I am sure you saw in “The Randburg Sun”, but our sector alone has had 2 armed robberies, 1 attempted hi-jacking and an assault on an elderly lady in the last week!!! This is apart from house breaking and theft out of motor vehicles.

We were told in no uncertain terms at yesterday’s ECCF meeting that something has to be done! We have now been given a second vehicle in all sectors and they are in radio contact, however it is up to the community to also take responsibility for their safety.

It has become apparent that residents are complacent and are:

a. Not arming their alarms;
b. Not checking that their alarms are working;
c. Leaving laptops, bags etc visible in their vehicles;
d. Waiting in their vehicles on pavements;
e. Leaving front gates, doors and security gates open!!!!!!!

In the times we live in, it is unacceptable and unfair to expect the police to be everywhere at once, hence our huge drive of getting people onto the database. Please, could I urge you to speak to your neighbours, make them aware of the sector vehicle and the protocol and to get their names onto our database.

The message of Sector Policing needs to reach EVERYONE – so speak to your colleagues, family and friends! They can phone their nearest police station, give them their physical address and get the Sector vehicle number that applies to them.

If you have elderly neighbours, please speak to them about security – they are soft targets!!

Thanks to everyone who has sent through information and for those people who have been aware of what’s going on in their area and contacted the Sector vehicle!

Take care,

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