30 May, 2011

Comms from Blairgowrie Community Association (29.05.2011)

From: Blairgowrie Community Association [mailto:info@myblairgowrie.co.za]

Sent: 29 May 2011 13:30

To: Mailing List Recipients

Subject: CRIME Alert: Willowvale Rd / Branch Rd - attempted electric cable theft

Dear Residents.

Have you saved / memorised these numbers?

Linden SAPS Sector 1 Vehicle - 071 675 6044 (including Pine Park and Wendy and Hillcrest Avenues in Craighall)

Securitas - 011 792 4000

Randburg SAPS Sector 1 Vehicle - 071 674 7115 (area between Republic and Selkirk)

1. Willowvale Rd near Branch Rd - attempted electric cable theft. A resident writes: (email edited)

Late the night of Sat 28th May, or early Sun morning the main earth cable on Willowvale near the intersection with Branch was cut. The culprits must have been interrupted because the cable was hanging and partially obstructing the street when I went to have a look on Sun morning.

Residents, please be on the lookout for any weird-looking long poles with hacksaw blades attached. The culprits normally stash their cable saws in the bushes or even in thick ivy on the pavement. If you see such a device then either alert Quemic (they catch cable thieves) on 011 490 7553. Securitas has a working relationship with Quemic and can also be alerted on 011 792 4000.

By the way, my electrician advised me not to use any appliances (unless absolutely necessary) when the earth cable is out, and that is best to keep the mains switch at your distribution board off until the earth cable has been reconnected.

2. Please register on Mobilitate / CrimeSpotter to receive FREE crime related SMSs.

* You DO NOT need to be a Facebook member to join.

* If you encounter any difficulties, please email infoza@crimespotter.co.za with your queries.

* I will be able to provide limited assistance by appointment.

* Once you have registered, you need to join the Blairgowrie Community Association CPF. Make sure you have enabled AND verified your cell phone number.


How to become a CrimeSpotter Member:

. Open http://www.crimespotter.co.za

. Click on "sign up"

. Enter your details:

1. Display name

2. Email address

3. Username

4. Password

5. Password (again for verification)

6. Complete the Captcha

(Should you be unable to read the text, simply click on arrows to get a new


. Click on "I Agree, Create My Account"

At this point, Mobilitate will send you an activation email.

. Click on the link provided in the email.

. From here, Click on "sign in"

. Enter your username and password and click on "Sign in"


How to join a CPF:

. Search for your CPF by entering the area your CPF is located in and

click on "search for my CPF"

. A second option is to scroll down on the page to the "Most Active

Community Policing Forums" heading and click on the CPF once you have located it.

At this point you should see You are not a member of this CPF.

. Click on "Join this CPF"

. Enter your details:

1. Full name (should already be displayed but can be edited)

2. Email address (should already be displayed but can be edited)

3. Contact number

4. Address

5. Click on "request"

At this point, a CPF manager will need to approve or deny your request.

. Once approved, you will have access to that CPF

(Please note that you can only belong to one (1) CPF at a time)


How to activate your cell phone number:

. Log in to Mobilitate

. Click on "my settings" located at the top of the page

. Click on "Crime alert settings"

. Enter your cell phone number in the provided field

. Click on "Save"

At this point, a new option becomes available stating 'Not verified'

. Click on "Send verification SMS"

Depending on your service provider, you should receive an SMS on the number specified.

. Reply to that SMS with "Yes"

Once the number has been processed, you will receive a second SMS stating that your account has been activated

. Hit the F5 key located on your keyboard

You should see Verified now.

. Tick the box located next to "Receive crime alerts via SMS"

. Click "Save"

You will now receive sms alerts from your CPF.



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