17 October, 2010

Follow-up Letter on Randburg Sun Article re: Speed Bumps

I have to agree with Dr W Boshoff who submitted this letter to the Randburg Sun in response to the article relating to Speed Bumps of 08.09.2010.  I too was quite shocked by Ward Councillor Don Forbes' apathy on the matter, and furthermore, the fact that he was aware of the problem, but not addressing it (as yet), apparently.

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shaun scott said...

As a community, we must share the responsibility. I've been at quite a few community meetings where speeding and speed bumps have been discusssed. Don has been working with a few of the established community associations in the area to put together a development/infrastructure plan. This resulted in the identification of a number of possible speed bump locations. These were assessed by CSIR and a number were approved. Thereafter they were presented to Joburg Roads and budget was allocated for a total of four (4). You've probably seen the two in front of Casa da Sol School...... My message is for all of us to get get organised and get involved in the structures and processes that exist. RERA and Norwin's efforts are a great start and you need to build on this. Arrange a RERA community meeting and invite Don to attend. Arrange follow-up meetings where he can report back.