07 October, 2010

Robindale included in Sector 1 of Sector Policing Initiative

Hi all,

Initially Robindale was included in Sector 3, however we've now been included in Sector 1.  Below is the rationalle via an email from Shaun dated 29.09.2010.  The image outlines Sector 1. 


Dear Norwin, Gerald, Phillip, Sanet, Christo and other resident coordinators in Robindale East of Malibongwe

You may have picked up earlier emails about the implementation of Sectors in the Linden Precinct. This started early in September and will continue in the next few months.

The area North of Boundary between Malibongwe and Bram Fischer has had a mixed past in terms of sectors. It has been part of Sectors 1, 2 or 3 depending on who one spoke to and which map was referred to.

Captain Vermaak today clarified this with the Sector Commanders and the CPF and has proposed that the area should form part of Sector 1. Making this part of Sector 1 does not impact or split any resident associations (as far as we know) and can possibly help to forge greater cooperation in this area. The Robins Ratepayers and Resident Association (RRRA) has always considered the eastern boundary to be Malibongwe Drive and have never had interaction with the Robins on the “other side” of Malibongwe. Whilst the RRRA is one of the oldest associations in the area, they are quite big and at the moment have been challenged in accommodating the many streets in their area. It would not make sense to try incorporate this area into the RRRA area (within Sector 3 which extends to the N1 highway).

Sector 1 includes the large suburb of Blairgowrie but also includes the suburbs of Robin Acres. President Ridge and Ferndale between Bram Fischer, Malibongwe and Republic. It makes sense to keep these areas within the same block and given the relative size of each Sector, it makes sense to make this entire block (Boundary, Bram Fischer, Republic and Malibongwe) part of Sector 1.

Sector 1 had an initial planning meeting early in September. At the time we understood that you would form part of either Sector 2 or 3. We apologise for this but believe the change is in the interest of your communities. There is a Sector 3 meeting planned for Monday 4 October where the sector concept will again be explained and the different sector team members will be introduced and you are all invited to please attend (Monday 6.30pm at the Fontainebleau Community Church on Rabie). We will advise you on the next Sector 1 meeting but please attend the Sector 3 meeting next week in the interim

Attached is an initial map put together to show the borders in this area.

The Sector commander for Sector 1 is Warrant Officer Spencer (XXX XXX XXX excluded for purposes of privacy NL). He is one of the more experienced, passionate and dedicated officers in the Linden Precinct. With your permission, I will give your contact details to WO Spencer so he can contact you and get to know your area and yourselves.

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the CPF Executives should you have any questions.

Best regards

Shaun Scott for the Linden CPF

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