21 October, 2009

If she is working for you beware - from eblockwatch


Please could we ask that you circulate this to all on your mailing list and see if the power of email can bring someone to book.

Our domestic worker, “Princess Ntombomzi Ntshangana” (a large Coloured woman originally from the Cape) robbed our house on Sunday 4th October whilst we were out and cleared us out of all our electronics goods, laptops, computer monitors, cash, jewellery, perfumes, clothes, digital cameras - the list is endless. She had organized for her accomplices to gain access to our property steal the items, cleared out her room and belongings and never to be seen again. She had her “granddaughter” named “Owie” of two years old living with her at the time as she stated her daughter did not have a job so she was taking care of the child. She may have taken Owie back home to her daughter to look after or she has her with her still and using Owie as a smoke screen to plead to all to help her out with a job. Not sure of her exact intentions. Nevertheless, we need to be on the lookout for Princess alone or with a little girl.

We have opened up a case at the Linden Police Station. The police have been trying to trace her as she apparently has a record of house robbery and has been doing this for a couple of years. This is her pattern - she moves in to an area, works for a while then robs the household and leaves to another area.

Please see attached ID details and image. Hopefully by circulating these images we can prevent her from being employed by another household and doing the exact same to them and/or seeing her behind bars.

If anyone does happen to see her do not confront her with your knowledge – call myself or call the Linden Police Station 011 888-9211/9212 immediately so we can apprehend her.

Thanking you for your assistance.

+27 (0) 83 548 7975

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Fernando Severns said...

Thanks for the heads up, Norwin! At least they've already identified this one person that we should all be wary of. That's a big step ahead of bad motives. Being prepared for what might come and reinforcing our defenses is something that we can all do together.