20 October, 2009

Letter from the self appointed law enforcer

Subsequent to the incident that I posted on 19.10.2009, the elderly gentleman popped the following three pages in my letter box. You will note with sadness the racial undertones in his letter, as well as accusations of apathy, racism and supremacism. All very sad and upsetting. Furthermore, the coward of this individual is demonstrated in his not being prepared to sign his full name to the letter.

A further development that confirms the coward of this vigilante behaviour is that the gentleman had been at my house prior to my 'catching him red handed', as one of my neighbours spotted him in front of my house, and, as my friend approached the gentleman as he was removing the first Top Security sign, he hopped in his car and waited a fair distance until the coast was clear. He then returned and took down my second Top Security sign, which is when I confronted him.

Incidentally, the self appointed law enforcer, in his letter, has granted me permission to remount my signs, stating that he will not rip them down again.

Unfortunately he destroyed my signs, so I have no more signs to mount. I wonder if I should place a charge of malicious vandalism against him - perhaps if you know the man that refers to himself as R.K. Proudly Foreign, you could forward his details to me so that I can do just that! And I wonder, if my house is burgled, my child is molested and wife accosted, if he would take any accountability, as my house no longer has signs stating that it is protected by an armed response company. I wonder, if I am burgled, if my insurer will honour the claim, given that there is no notification that the house is under the protection of armed response (a requirement of my insurance policy). I guess however, the coward will shy away from his responsibility then!

Article that enticed R.K. Proudly Foreign to vigilante type behaviour (click on image to enlarge)

Page 1 of R.K. Proudly Foreign's letter to me (click on image to enlarge)

Page 2 of R.K. Proudly Foreign's letter to me (click on image to enlarge)
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