28 October, 2009

Revised Letter to Randburg Sun

In terms of the posting on 19.10.2009 (http://robindale-east.blogspot.com/2009/10/letter-to-randburg-sun-relating-to-un.html), the Randburg Sun has requested that I shorten the letter to 300 words prior to publishing. Herewith the revised letter:

A Crime to Fix A Crime Does Not Make It Right

Although I fully support the initiatives of the Randburg Sun to address social and criminal issues in the community, I am gravely concerned by the manner in which some of the readers perceive articles and their consequent actions. My concern arose from an incident that occurred on 17.10.2009 at 15:00 when I discovered an elderly gentleman using a branch to rip my two armed response signs off the trees on my pavement where I had mounted the signs.

I demanded to know what he was doing and he immediately cited the Randburg Sun stating that it was illegal to attach signs to a council tree. I acknowledged the fact. However I further demanded to know what right he had to act on behalf of the council to perform their legal duties? This led me to writing this letter and raising this grave concern. Readers of the Randburg Sun and other residents should no turn to vigilante behaviour and perform acts of law enforcement. Citizens are not deputised nor entitled to act on criminal matters, no matter how big nor small.

Any person transgressing the local by-laws, is issued a notification of that fact and then has a certain number of days to remedy the situation by either complying, defending or appealing the transgression.

Even worse, the vigilante may be assaulted as a result. Our greatest defence against crime and degradation is communities working together to solve problems; this type of behaviour does not foster community building, but rather destroys it, which we cannot afford.

In closing, please do not take the law into your own hands; follow the protocols as set forth in the legislature and let’s build our community spirit.

Concerned anti-vigilante resident.

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