22 October, 2009

Pamphlet Distribution Has Commenced

Good morning residents!

I have started the distribution of the RERA Pamphlets (http://robindale-east.blogspot.com/2009/10/pamphlet-to-be-distributed-to-residents.html) in order to drum up support and critical mass in the neighbourhood.

So far I've managed to pop pamphlets in houses' postboxes in the following streets:

  • All of Gondola Ave
  • All of Jeeves Ave
  • Maiden Street up to No. 8 (including the first complex on the west side of the street when travelling north on Maiden Street)
  • Roosevelt Street, in line with the northern end of Maiden/Gondola Park, all the way to Gondola Ave.

Now its a matter of waiting for responses from residents.


1 comment:

Norwin said...

Hi all,

Despite having distrubted approximately 30 pamphlets already to households in the aforementioned streets, I have still not had a single response or feedback.

Please could you provide me with your details.